Sketching in Hardware

Sketching in Hardware 2013

Parc, Palo Alto, 94304; July 19, 20, 21


Our digital design tools help us think of things we would never have considered, before the tool gave us the ability to think of them (as per the ideas of distributed cognition). As these tools move into the cloud, these thoughts become increasingly social and the tools create a shared understanding of what’s being designed, an understanding simultaneously shaped by the capabilities of the tools and the knowledge and skills of the people using them.

Then these shared ideas have to become real, they have to be projected from virtual tools to real designs, and everything changes again. The ability to instantiate ideas as actual objects still falls short of our tools’ ability to imagine them.

Sketching in Hardware this year will be about these interfaces: between people and their digital tools, between people and each other, and between virtual tools and physical tools.

NOTE: Sketching in Hardware 2013 is full.

Mike Kuniavsky