all the mixed realities
sketching in hardawre
September 27 through September 30
David Whitney Building & Cranbrook Academy of Art
Detroit, Michigan

The boundaries of hardware, software, cloud, and ground are disappearing. Objects that existed only as ideas and models can be made material increasingly quickly and with increasing fidelity, whether they're turbines, buildings, or human organs. Objects that seemed exclusively material--bridges, airplanes, cows--now have digital shadows, simulations that behave in concert with their instrumented physical counterparts. A digital simulation and a physical object are increasingly indistinguishable.

For Sketching 2019, we will of course examine the changes in the design and use of tools for creative expression and design with digital hardware. We also aim to explore how the hardware tools used by designers, artists, educators and developers increasingly straddle--and erase--the line between what is and is not real, and when the distinction matters.

The meeting will include presentations by all attendees, new technologies to try, and many opportunities to meet others and talk about this emerging field.

Monday September 30
Cranbrook Academy of Art
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

We are at the Cranbrook Academy of Art for our charrette this year. Details to follow on the specific room we will be hosted in, but there will be transportation set up to take us round time from the Aloft David Whitney and back.

  • David Whitney Building Venue & Hotel One Park Ave Detroit, MI 48226 313.237.1700
  • Cranbrook Academy of Art Charrette Monday, September 30 39221 WoodWard Ave Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0801 877.462.7262
  • OmniCorpDetroit Thursday, September 26 1501 Division St Detroit, MI 48207 313.666.1234
  • Polonia Restaurant Friday, September 27 2934 Yemans St Hamtramck, MI 48212 313.873.8432
  • La Dolce Vita Saturday, September 27 17546 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI 48203 313.865.0331
  • Third Man Records Tuesday, October 1 441 W Canfield St Detroit, MI 48201 313.209.5205
  • The Foundation is a Michigan, USA-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation existing to provide education in and collaboration around the design and use of open-source software and hardware in embedded computing. provides a forum for the owners and developers of open-source software and hardware to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience. The community collaborates on the development of open source physical computing solutions including robotics, personal manufacturing tools like 3D printers and laser cutters, and other types of industrial and machine controls.

  • Particle is an Internet of Things platform that enables developers to easily add the power of connectivity to any device. From hardware to connectivity to device management and cloud, Particle provides developers with tools to prototype IoT solutions quickly as well as a reliable and secure platform for enterprises to scale. Over 150,000 product builders in more than 170 countries are bringing devices online powered by Particle’s WiFi, Cellular, and Mesh products.

  • Supplyframe was founded by Steve Flagg in 2003 to help electronics engineers design products in a more labor and cost saving way. The opportunity was to use the then-strange-and-new internet to be embedded in tools that predict part availability and fit. By 2018, Supplyframe has developed a number of powerful tools that are essential to hardware engineers and procurement alike, and are now the most reliable way to find and replace components to design a mass produced product from start to finish.

  • ThingM is a device studio. We design and manufacture ubiquitous computing / Internet of Things products that combine user experience design expertise with a deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. We create useful tools for designers and innovative products for everyone else.